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Buffing Stainless With Airways

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Buffing  Stainless With Airways Empty Buffing Stainless With Airways

Post  BuschShineProducts on Tue Mar 31, 2009 12:18 pm

  • First Step-aggressive cutting -Emery Bar(Black)#63035 -Blue Airway #62410

  • Second Step-middle step-Green Bar #63025 -Med White Airway #62210

  • Third Step-final step-Ultra Green #63023 -Domet Airway #62020

Flanges with an adapter are needed to mount the airways to a handheld buffer. Flange #60075 and adapter #60054 are the most commonly used combination for 5/8" shafts on the Dewalt Polisher/Buffer DW849, the Milwaukee, and other buffers. Other flanges and adapter sizes are available for the Baldor type stationery buffers.

RPM for buffing aluminum is from 1500-2500. Stainless steel requires 3600 RPM.

The airways should be placed on the buffer so that when buffing action is taking place the seam in the material will not catch on the item being buffed and cause the material to pull away from the center plate. Flanges should always be used and should completely cover the center plate.

To apply the buffing compound, touch the bar to the pad as it spins on the buffer, then apply to the surface being polished.

"Rake" your pads frequently. As your buffing pad spins on the buffer, touch the edge with a wire brush. (If you are going to use a screwdriver be sure to clean the screwdriver and do not use if for anything else). Rakes #69200 are also avaiable for sale from our company. Be sure to use a different rake with each pad. (So that would be 3 rakes for stainless) Keep the pads as clean as possible and store in a plastic bag.

***Be sure to put a piece of cardboard under the rake to keep dirt from getting near the rake and the buffing pad.

Thanks BuschShineProducts

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